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7 March – 5 April 2023

Opening: Tuesday, March 7th at 5.30 p.m.
Monograph presentation: Tuesday March 7th at 6.00 p.m.

Dario Maglionico – FLOATING SPACE

Galleria Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present FLOATING SPACE, the solo exhibition by Dario Maglionico, coinciding with the publication of the volume Dario Maglionico. Dove abita il tempo sospeso, covering ten years of painting by the artist from Naples. The book, supported by VAF-Stiftung and published by Manfredi Edizioni, is part of the series Collana giovani artisti alla soglia del nuovo millennio.

Maglionico’s work stems from impromptu documentation of places and situations, which are transferred onto canvas with a detailed, meticulous approach. The artist’s impressions based on observation of spaces familiar to him add particulars to the overall composition of the works and the various settings. The rooms Maglionico reproduces on canvas are never simply a backdrop for the various actions that take place inside them, but also convey memories, bearing witness to events that unfold along a non-linear time frame.

In the cycle Reificazioni the space takes on a fully a-temporal dimension, physically occupied by suspended bodies that coexist simultaneously in a past and present that intermingle. The painter’s intention is to challenge the infallibility of human perception, creating synchronic images that open up an infinite series of possibilities in terms of viewpoints and interpretations of a single impression.
Maglionico’s interest in perception has evolved together with his painting, reaching the creation of a space of memory that becomes increasingly complex and layered. The making of a 3D model of the apartment that contains traces of the characters who live inside it permits multiplication and overlapping of viewpoints, which expand beyond the boundaries of the single canvas. Besides space, also time – fixed in a moment of suspension – is dilated, permeating the canvases and joining them into a single narrative. In this new cycle of Reificazioni, Maglionico delves into the uniqueness of the experience of the individual viewer, conveyed by associations and perceptions that are specific yet give rise to the same visual story to which Maglionico himself offers us access.

The title FLOATING SPACE is a reference to the theory that considers space-time – the fundamental tissue that sustains the universe – as having the qualities of a liquid of very low viscosity, i.e. a superfluid. As Ted Jacobson, professor of Physics at the University of Maryland writes, “water is made of discrete, individual molecules, which interact with each other according to the laws of quantum mechanics, but liquid water appears continuous and flowing and transparent and refracting. […] These are all ‘emergent’ properties that cannot be found in the individual molecules, even though they ultimately derive from the properties of those molecules.” The term floating also implies mobility, dynamism, mutability. Like a fluid, a liquid that adapts to and takes on the form of the observer.

For the opening of the exhibition, there will be a presentation of the monograph Dario Maglionico. Dove abita il tempo sospeso,the fifth volume of the Collana giovani artisti alla soglia del nuovo millennio, supported by VAF-Stiftung and published by Manfredi Edizioni. The speakers at the presentation are Serena Redaelli, member of the board of VAF- Stiftung, the author Nicoletta Colombo, together with the artist.

Dario Maglionico was born in Naples in 1986.
He took a degree in Biomedical Engineering at the Milan Polytechnic; since 2014 he has lived and worked in Milan, focusing exclusively on painting. He was a finalist for the Premio Bugatti-Segantini in the category Under-35, and of the 9th edition of Premio Arte Laguna in Venice. In 2015 he was a finalist in the Como Contemporary Contest. In 2016 Einaudi utilized a detail of Reificazione #9 on the cover of Scherzetto by Domenico Starnone, with whom Maglionico collaborated on a number of illustrations inside the book. That same year, he won the Hi Fructose x Ello Emerging Artist Showcase award, and a special mention for the Premio Marchionni, MAGMMA Museum, Villacidro. He was also one of the finalists of Premio Fondazione VAF, showing works at the MART museum in Rovereto. He has taken part in international exhibitions, including Pulse Miami Beach, Volta Basel and Urvanity Madrid.