Shout, 2009, A New Discovery, Digital Media, Handmade Textures, 30 X 37 Cm

9.02 – 17.03.2014

SHOUT – Dazed Indigo

curated by Franco Cervi

Shout (alias Alessandro Gottardo), for Little Circus – the special project space inside the gallery – in coordination with the solo show by Gary Taxali.

Shout, the internationally acclaimed and award-winning illustrator, presents work that is a result of recent research that reflects cultural affinities with the California art scene. His images are terse, “quiet” (strangely enough a total contradiction of his pseudonym Shout), and invariably organized around the dynamics of empty space and compositional absence, in which the nameless, faceless characters become metaphors of a subtle but ongoing sense of inner alienation.

During the exhibition both artists will be on hand for a book signing of their respective monographs, entitled Mono Taxali and Mono Shout, volumes that have triggered enthusiasm among critics and an international audience, both published by 27_9 (, the young publishing house founded and directed by Franco Cervi, specializing in Neo-Pop and avant-garde graphics art editions.

Alessandro Gottardo was born in Pordenone in 1977. He lives and works in Milan. He has had recent shows in several international galleries, including Toto (London) and Known (Los Angeles). He has won many prizes for illustration, including:  2007 – Gold winner – London International Awards, 2007 – David P. Husher Memorial Award – Society Of Illustrators New York, 2009 – Gold Medal – Society Of Illustrators New York, 2010 – Gold Pixie Award – TV spot with J.J. Sedelmaier production, 2011 – Silver Medal Institutional – Society Of Illustrators New York, 2011 – Silver Medal Book – Society Of Illustrators New York, 2011 – Silver Medal Advertising – Society Of Illustrators New York, 2011 – Gold Medal – Editorial Spot – Society Of Publication Designers, 2012 – Gold Medal Sequential – Society Of Illustrators New York, 2012 – Gold Medal Advertising – Society Of Illustrators New York.

His clients include: The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, National Geographic, The New Yorker, Fortune, Le Monde, The Economist.

His first monographic publication is “Mono Shout”, published by 27_9 with art direction and graphic design by Franco Cervi, and critical contributions by Steven Heller and Ferruccio Giromini.