D. Hirsch, S. Tgg

7.11 – 20.12.2002


The solo show of Debora Hirsch at Antonio Colombo features works in different media. Painting, the medium for which Hirsch is known, and two digital videos personally produced by the artist. Both the videos and the paintings focus on the theme of time that passes and transforms the things around it, especially the being and its identity, the central subject of the work of Debora Hirsch.
The new paintings represent a step forward in the artistic research of Debora Hirsch with respect to the first intriguing, but also arrogant, women in the first series of works. Now the artist has refined her technique, which is now less Pop and closer to Hyper-realism; the beauty of the painting coincides with a concentration on detail that borders on scientific representation of bodies that seem to display the signs of the passage of time on their surfaces.
In effect, this impression is confirmed by the video Lachesis where, in just a few minutes, we witness the passage of time on the face of a woman, with all its consequences for her appearance. While Lachesis illustrates the transformations of the passage of time on the human body, in the second video, In Thin Net Toe, an evidently virtual character recites “L’infinito” by Giacomo Leopardi with the aid of English phonics. “Sempre caro mi fu quest’ermo colle…” is therefore hopelessly altered, just like a face that changes in time.
The catalogue contains an essay by Gianni Romano, art critic and curator of “Europa: differenti prospettive nella pittura” (Premio Michetti 2000) and “Media Connection” (Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome – Palazzo della Triennale, Milan, 2001)

Debora Hirsch was born in Sao Paulo (Brazil) in 1967. She lives and works in Milan. Her works have been shown in many international exhibitions, including: ‘VideoRom 4.0’, MACRO, ex Mattatoio Testaccio, Rome; ‘Torino Incontra L’Arte’, 2002, 6th edition, Turin; ‘VIDEO.IT’ (GAM di Torino and Care Of), 4th edition, Turin; ‘Europa Video Art’, Chiesa San Paolo, Modena, Acc. Galerie Weimar, Weimar, Galleria Canen, Castellò De La Plana; ‘International Art Festival of World’s People’, World Cup, Seoul; ‘OPEN2002 – 5th International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations’, Venice Lido; ‘New Acquisitions’, Museo di Palazzo Forti, Verona; ‘VideoRom’, Galleria Zanutti, Milan; ‘Viasatellite’, Mercati Traianei, Rome; ‘Geipeg’, Galleria Dina Carola, Naples; ‘Emporio 2’, Viafarini and Care Of, Milan; ‘Guardaroba: Liberi e Vestiti’, Ex Monastero di Santa Scolastica, Bari; ‘Le Muse Inquietanti’, Fondazione Pino Pascali, Polignano a Mare; ‘Ultra Corpi’, Chiesa e Chiostro di S. Agostino, Pietrasanta; ‘Premio Cairo Communication’, Posteria, Milan; ‘Debora Hirsch’, Galleria ES (solo exhibition), Turin; ‘La Linea Dolce della Nuova Figurazione’, Galleria Annovi, Sassuolo; ‘Soap Opera – Progetto Maionese’, En Plein Air Arte Contemporanea, Pinerolo; ’40° Premio Suzzara’, Galleria Civica d’arte contemporanea di Suzzara, Suzzara.