7.10 – 30.10.2005

ANDREA SALVINO – Antagonista

In the exhibition paintings and drawings, most specially made for the occasion, belonging to one of the most complex and controversial areas of work of the artist, the series – started in 1997 – of portraits of “antagonistic social subjects”, men and women “against” who violently, desperately resist standardization. Demonstrators who hide their identity under a motorcycle helmet, face veiled by a kefiah, “white overalls”, Chechen militants, the impenitent Nadia Desdemona Lioce, illegal aliens and anarchists, criminal low-lifes and extremists: “problematic” subjects whose visage bears the signs of non-adaptation, non-acceptance, seen against a white background that makes them absolute images of distress, like a paradigm and symbol of contemporary differences.

Andrea Salvino (Rome 1969) is one of the most mature and erudite protagonists of the latest generations of Italian art. His work, essentially in painting, but with incursions in the fields of photography and video, has been featured in a series of solo and group shows in Italy and Europe. Recent exhibitions include: Exit, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Turin 2002, Identità italiane. Arte oggi 1990-2001, Museo del Corso, Rome 2002, Assenze-Presenze. Una nuova generazione di artisti italiani, Botanique, Brussels, 2002 Absolut Generation, Extra 50 section of the 50th International Art Exposition, La Biennale di Venezia, Palazzo Zenobbio, Venice; and the solo shows Il disprezzo, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan 2002, Donne facili, Corvi-Mora, London, 2003, I senza nome, RomaRomaRoma, Rome 2004