Dario Maglionico was born in Naples in 1986. The passion for art grew with him: Grand-Father painter, thank’s to him he starded dedicating to draw, at the beginning of his 4th year at the primary school. His path changed next when he decided to study Biochemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano where he graduated. After that he choose to come back to painting studies. From this moment until now, collaborations, solo and group shows started, as: 2014 at Circoloquadro in Milan, REIFICAZIONE#, at Biblioteca storica della Società d’incoraggiamento d’Arti e Mestieri, Milan, in 2015 at Fabbrica del Vapore with OTHERNESS Identità IN-definizione, curated by OUT44, Claustrophilia, RivaArteContemporanea, Lecce, curated by Ivan Quaroni. In 2016 Sincronie, Pinacoteca del Castello Visconteo di Legnano, Legnano (MI). In 2017 Everything at Once, Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea, Milan, curated by Ivan Quaroni,  When I am, I was. APART spaziocritico, Vicenza. He also partecipated to different prizes such as: 57° Premio Internazionale Bugatti Segantini, VIZIO DI FORMA, Villa Vertua, Nova Milanese (MB).

One of his work, has recently appeared as cover of the novel Scherzetto, by Domenico Starnone, published by Einaudi.